Canadians are world leaders in industries and commerce. Our companies are known for innovation and truly compete on the world stage. Canada offers both Federal and Provincial Business Class Immigration program. These programs seek to attract candidates who are either entrepreneurs or investors. If you are willing to start a business or invest in Canada, this may be the program for you and your family to become permanent residents of Canada. There are 3 kinds of Business Immigration programs. Federal, Quebec and some of the of the provinces have specific Provincial Nomination Programs that deal exclusively with Business Class applicants.

Federal Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Program

For the Federal Program there is the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital  (IIVC) Pilot Program.  If you are an international investor with the skills and abilities needed to contribute to our economy and integrate into Canadian society, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence under the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program.

  • The requirements for the IIVC
  • You must have document proof that you have a minimum of CDN10 million personal net worth acquired through lawful, private sector nosiness or investment activities.
  • You are willing to make a CDN 2 million to the IIVC fund for a period of approximately 15 years. Note that this is an at-risk investment with no guarantees on rate of return or even the principle investment being returned.
  • You must demonstrate proficiency in English or French in all four language abilities (speaking, reading, listening and writing). To this effect, you must take a language test that is approved by CIC and obtain a minimum level Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 .
  • You must also possess a post-secondary degree, diploma or certificate of   at least one year from a Canadian institute or a foreign equivalent which can be validated by an Educational Credential Assessment report  from a CIC designated organization.

Quebec Investors Program

The Quebec Investor category of Canadian immigration allows qualified immigrant investors who intend to reside in Quebec to obtain a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa by investing CAD $1,200,000 risk-free through an approved financial intermediary or by financing that investment.


  • No age limits
  • Immediate family can be included in application for Permanent Residency
  • There is no need to open and operate Business in Canada
  • No English test


  • Net assets of at least CAD $2,000,000
  • At least 2 years management experience
  • Sign an agreement to invest CAD $1,200,000 with a financial intermediary (broker or trust company) authorized to participate in the Investor Program or pay the loan interest of CAD $350,000 to the financial intermediary

Provincial Nominees for Business Investors

Some Provinces and territories have dedicated Provincial Nominee Program PNP for business investor. The details and requirements of each program may differ, however the end objective for the investor will be the same and that is to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency.

Regardless of the programs that may interest you, as a Business Class applicant, ImmigCanada understands that your time is very valuable important to you. Let us take care of the details of your application so that you can continue your day to day business activities.


A. Manitoba Business Entrepreneur

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Immigration Program for Business – This provincial plan recruits qualified business people from around the world with the intention to move to Manitoba and invest in the local economy. Successful applicants will obtain Permanent Residency in Canada along with their immediate family members (spouse, unmarried children below 19 years old).


  • Business Experience (3 + years of full-time work experience in the past 5 years as an active business owner or working in a senior management role.
  • Official Languages Proficiency (minimum CLB/NCLC 5
  • Education (minimum high school certificate equivalent)
  • Business Investment of Minimum CAD $250,000
  • Net Worth of minimum CAD $500,000 (verified)
  • Business Research (Exploratory Visit)
  • Sign Business Performance Agreement
  • B. British Columbia PNP Entrepreneur Immigration


  • Personal net worth of at least CAD $600,000
  • Demonstrate business and/or management experience
  • Be eligible for legal immigration status in Canada

  • Active and ongoing management of the day-to-day business operation

  • Establish a new business or purchase and improve an existing business

  • At least CAD $200,000 eligible personal investment within 20 months of arriving in B.C.

  • You must demonstrate that you will create at least one permanent, new full-time job for a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident in the proposed business plan within 20 months of your arrival date
  • C. Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Category

    To meet the minimum entry criteria, one must:

    • Have CAD $500,000 at minimum in Net Business and Personal Assets
    • Have a minimum of three years of relevant business management or entrepreneurial experience gained in the past ten years; and
    • Intend to invest a minimum of CAD $300,000 in Regina and Saskatoon or a minimum of CAD $200,000 in all other Saskatchewan communities

    D. New Brunswick Entrepreneur

    The Program requires that applicants are aged 22 to 55, speak English or French, and have completed a minimum two-year post-secondary education degree or diploma. 

    In addition, they must:

    • Have a verifiable net worth of at least CAD $600,000, with CAD $300,000 available in unencumbered liquidity (bank account, stocks, fixed deposits, pensions, etc….);
    • Invest at least CAD $250,000 into a business in New Brunswick (of which they will own at least a 33% equity); and
    • Demonstrate previous management experience – either 3 years of business ownership or 5 years of senior management experience during the last 5 years.

    E. Quebec Business Entrepreneur

    Quebec Business Entrepreneur (QEP) – The Quebec Entrepreneur Program (QEP) is a provincial business immigration program designed specifically for Quebec needs. It objective is to attract candidates who have a proven business track record and who are would be willing to invest in the Quebec economy. Furthermore, the QEP an excellent way for business people to qualify for Canadian Permanent Residence who would normally not be eligible under other skilled worker categories. All Quebec Entrepreneur applicants must demonstrate the intention to reside in Quebec..

    Entrepreneurs interested in immigration to Quebec can apply under one of the program’s two components

    Component One:
    This component is focused on new businesses or startups established in the province with the support of a business incubator / accelerator or university in the province.
    Component Two:
    This is focused on owner-funded and operated businesses.


      Foreign nationals interested in applying under Component One of the Entrepreneur Program will need to obtain the passing score of 41 points under all factors in the Quebec Economic Class selection grid for the Quebec Entrepreneur Program in order to be considered for selection.
      Candidates under Component One of the Quebec Entrepreneur Program can obtain points for factors such as education level, areas of training, age, language proficiency in French and English, and stay and family in Quebec. There are no additional points awarded for applicants with a spouse or common-law partner.
      The following are the minimum requirements for meeting the cut-off threshold for the program:

      • At least Secondary school general diploma
      • Submit a contract to prove financial self-sufficiency
      • Provide a service offer from an enterprise incubator / accelerator or university entrepreneurship centre and demonstrate successful evaluation of the business project


            Foreign nationals interested in applying under Component Two of the Quebec Entrepreneur Program will need to obtain the passing score of 81 points in all 13 factors under Quebec’s Economic Class selection grid to be considered for selection.
            Candidates under Component Two of Quebec’s Entrepreneur Program are awarded points for factors that include education level, areas of training, age, language proficiency in French and English, and stay and family in Quebec.

            • At least Secondary school general diploma
            • Submit a contract to prove financial self-sufficiency
            • Demonstrate successful evaluation of the business project.
            • Provide a start-up deposit of $300,000 for a business in the metropolitan area of Montreal and a deposit of $200,000 for a business outside the metropolitan area of Montreal.
            • Holds and controls, alone or with the accompanying spouse or common-law partner, at least 25% of the equity of the enterprise he or she creates or at least 51% of the equity of the enterprise he or she acquires. The value of an applicant’s financial contribution must be equal to or greater than the amount that must serve to start up the business project.
            • Have at least financial resources of $900,000

    Farm Category Business Investor

    Manitoba Farm Investors Pathway - Manitoba Farm Investors Pathway

    Entrepreneur Pathway Minimum Requirements:

    • Business Experience (3 + years of farm business management or farm ownership and operation experience supported by verifiable documents.
    • Official Languages Proficiency (English or French, applicants will be invited to attend interview)
    • Education (minimum high school certificate equivalent
    • Farm Investment of Minimum CAD $150,000 Net Worth of minimum CAD $350,000 (verified)
    • Farm Business Research Visit (Exploratory Visit)
    • Economic Establishment Adaptability -demonstrate adaptability, specifically relating to practical farming skills, technical knowledge and experience in technological based farming practices that will transfer directly to Manitoba’s current primary farm production industry.

    Saskatchewan Farm Owner and Operator - if you are an experienced farmer and plan to buy and operate a farm in Saskatchewan.

    This category is strictly for business in primary agricultural production (crops and livestock). If you’re interested in agri-business operations, you may qualify under the SINP Entrepreneur Category.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    To be approved for nomination in this category, you’ll need the following:

    • Available Equity: You’ll have to provide financial documents that show a net worth of CAD $500,000.
    • Refundable Cash Deposit: You must sign a Performance Agreement. By doing this, you’ll be committing to purchase and actively operating a farm operation in Saskatchewan. You’ll also need to make a “good faith” deposit of CAD $75,000 in trust. The cash deposit will be returned to you when you’ve met the terms of the Performance Agreement. If you don’t meet the terms within two years of landing in Saskatchewan, the deposit will be forfeited to the Province.
    • Mandatory visit to Saskatchewan: You’ll need to make a comprehensive exploratory visit to Saskatchewan for no less than five working days. You must meet with an SINP representative on your visit.
    • Farm operation knowledge and experience: You’ll need to provide documentation (e.g. education and training, work experience, financial documents of your previous operations) that demonstrates you’re an experienced farm operator. If necessary, we may verify this information further through an interview when you are in Saskatchewan.
    • A practical, well-thought-out proposal for a commercial Saskatchewan farming opportunity. (See Important Terms: Farm Proposal Viability).

    A practical, well-thought-out proposal for a commercial Saskatchewan farming opportunity.

    The Young Farmer stream of the Farm Owners and Operators category was created to allow young farm families to establish their lives and farming operations in rural areas of Saskatchewan.

    Application Criteria

    To be approved for nomination in this stream, you’ll need to:

    • Have a personal net worth of at least CAD $300,000 that can be confirmed.
    • Have accumulated your net worth legally. We should be able to confirm this as well.
    • Be under the age of 40 at the time of your application.
    • Have at least three years experience in:
    • Farm ownership;
    • Farm management; or
    • Practical farming experience.
    • Provide a documented proposal for a commercial Saskatchewan farming opportunity. Your proposal should be based on research, consultations or formal coursework relevant to Saskatchewan agricultural conditions. Hobby farms don’t qualify. Also, the farming proposal should be a commercial project with a reasonable expectation of profit. In Saskatchewan, a qualified farming business must have a minimum of CAD $10,000 annual revenue.
    • In addition to all the above, you or your spouse must have marketable employment skills, based on education and experience that allows you to supplement your farming income.

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