This program seeks to secure candidates with the specific skilled working experience.  To apply for this program, applicants must also be planning to live outside Quebec.

The specific skilled working experiences being sought after are:

  • Management Job Experience: examples: restaurant managers, mine managers, shore captains (fishing)
  • Professional Job Experience:  People usually need a degree from a university for these jobs: examples: doctors, dentists, architects
  •  Technical Jobs and Skilled Trades Experience: People usually need a college diploma or to train as an apprentice to do these jobs: examples: chefs, electricians, plumbers

Candidate must have at least one year of work experience or having at least 1560 hours of paid work (continuous full-time or an equal amount in part-time).

Volunteer work and unpaid internships do not count)

 Furthermore the paid work experience must have occurred within the last 10 years.

 Pass a minimum language requirement in either English or French. Approved language test results will need to be provided to the visa office.

You must meet the 67 point pass mark which is determined by the six selection factors

The new express entry system will be for you.

With the Express Entry System, an electronic profile of the applicant must be prepared and submitted to CIC.  ImmigCanada can help you navigate through this process and submit the best profile for you.

CIC will then assess and rank your profile amongst other applicant’s profiles in a pool. Your assessment and ranking will be based on:

Six Selection Factors

  1. Education: Applicants can receive a maximum of 25 points for their education, depending on their academic qualifications.
  2. Language Proficiency: A maximum of 28 points are available under the language proficiency selection factor. Since Canada has two official languages (French & English), you can choose which one will be your first official language (24 points) and which one will be your second (4 points). Proficiency in both English and French is NOT a requirement for FSW.
  3.  Age: A maximum of 12 points are awarded under this category. Applicants 36 or older begin to lose points under this selection factor.
  4. Work Experience: Applicants can receive a maximum of 15 points under this selection factor. Candidates with 6 years or more of full‐time, skilled work experience, in the last 10 years, will receive the full 15 points.
  5. Arranged Employment: A maximum of 10 points are available under the arranged employment factor. ONLY applicants with a skilled, full‐time job offer from a Canadian employer are eligible for these points. Furthermore, the Canadian employer would need to apply for, and be granted a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment before these points can be awarded.
  6. Adaptability: Points for adaptability are awarded for aspects of your background that Immigration Canada feels will be an asset to your integration into Canadian society. Things like previous work or study experience as well as certain types of relatives can award additional points under this factor. In addition, if you are married and your spouse has a basic language proficiency in English or French, this can also add points to the application.

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