Canada offers a welcoming environment for international students. Our Universities and colleges are world renowned with excellent reputations. Our vocations schools offer a variety of programs that would give you the training  to start a new exciting career. Studying in Canada can be a stepping stone towards opening doors to greater opportunities. It may even be your first steps to obtaining permanent residency and citizenship in Canada.

After you graduate from your study, you may decide you would like to stay in Canada. If this is your case, Immigcanada can help you apply for your permanent residency and make Canada your new home. ImmigCanada can advise you on the best available program to for you to apply for permanent residency. We will strategically time your application to ensure that you do not have to come back home while you waityour permanent resident visa.

Study to Immigrate Program

Study and learn from a first-class education system. Obtain Permanent Residency in Canada.


Study Permit

However, as a foreigner who wishes to study in Canada, the Canadian government requires you to obtain a study permit. 


Post-Graduation Work

Once you have completed your studies as an international student, you my  apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit to work in Canada.


Permanent Residency for Students

Having completed your studies and subsequently obtaining lawful work experience in your field of study, you may then apply for permanent residency and citizenship to Canada.